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What’s the secret to positivity in lockdown?

A very lovely friend of mine nominated me to talk to Alex Wallace about how I’ve managed to stay positive in lockdown. I hadn't really thought about staying positive as a ‘thing’ until that point but was suddenly really excited to talk to someone about my lockdown experiences. Coaches spend the majority of their day listening to others - instead of worry about what I was going to say - I was worrying about whether I’d be able to stop!

If you’ve got a minute, make yourself a lovely cuppa and watch the video of our chat here:

My top ten lockdown positivity interventions:

  1. Get outside in nature as often as you can - use all your senses to observe your surroundings - without judgement - just for the joy of it

  2. Spend time with animals - they are experts in living in the moment

  3. Make physical contact with people in your lockdown bubble - make a lockdown bubble expressly for this purpose if you haven’t done so already (if this isn’t possible for you - see above - animals give great hugs)

  4. Use technology in a way that works for you - love zooming - perfect - hate zooming - find other ways to connect with your social circle

  5. Grab every opportunity to be helpful to others - there is no better way of boosting your own mood!

  6. Step outside of your comfort zone - COVID times are flexible times - what have you always wanted to do but lacked the time/energy/nerve to get started?

  7. Surround yourself by beautiful things and take time to really appreciate them - people, pictures, clothes, trinkets, colours, views - anything and everything that brings you joy is to be celebrated

  8. Seek out positive people and be the positive person other people seek out

  9. Ask yourself how do I want to be today - and be that - there is much in this life we can’t control but we can control our mindset and actions

  10. Give yourself a break and/or a big pat on the back - tomorrow is another day

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