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How to STOP your busy brain

BUSY BRAIN SYNDROME A very wise client once said to me 'the most useful thing about coaching is that you make me finish my thinking' and it struck me that it is really hard to focus our brain power on resolving a single issue because a) it is tangled in a whole host of other issues, b) we are constantly interrupted and c) we have likely forgotten that high quality thinking needs dedicated space and time...

If your brain is whirring round and round in circles without ever getting anywhere it might be time to try a new approach. The STOP method pictured below is simple to do and completely free!

Alternatively, ask a friend or colleague to be your listening post - their only job is to help you finish your thinking on a single topic - no advice or expertise required!

If your over-thinking is a long term habit and is having a negative impact on day to day life - you might benefit from some coaching.

I see clients in the Herts area and can also point you towards trusted colleagues around the UK - message me for info and prices.

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