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Motivation to move

‘How do I motivate myself to exercise more?’ is a common question at the Coaching Cabin. With cars, technology and sedentary jobs - it’s hard to find time to do something that makes you break into a sweat. So what can we do if we want to make a lasting behavioural change around exercise?

Firstly, It’s worth thinking about your exercise goals - are they realistic and based around your basic human needs (regular movement, fresh air, deep breathing, social time) or are they more about societal influences and desires (a six pack, the body I had ten years ago, to lose two stone).

Secondly, you might want to consider making exercise part of your essential daily routine rather than something that can easily be postponed or usurped.

Thirdly, make it fun - more fun than the alternatives - play loud music, laugh, be silly, meet new friends.

My new running partner Ruby

My current strategy is wearing my gym clothes to walk the dog - I’m never ‘going for a run’ (that would take will power) but if the urge takes me (on a nice flat path) I can have a little jog. Every single day - without fail. I’m also listening to Leftfield Rhythm and Stealth - it makes me feel young and free 📷💃📷🤩📷👟📷🐺.

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